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Please note due to the high demand for our training services and the new  changes to the RIIMPO qualifications we are heavily booked for at least two months in advance for our one on one facility courses.

There are only a few dates available until the end of March 19.

There may be limited opportunities available for group onsite training where machines are available on your site for January, February and March 2019, please book as soon as possible.

If it is urgent for the courses I would suggest that you visit and search for the above RII units, there is a link on that page that will have a list of RTOs that can run the courses for you or if you require my RTO can contact you for available course dates with other trainers, please let me know and I will get them to contact you.

Web site contact emails are replied as soon as possible, if you do not receive an answer check you junk mail filter, some filters will junk emails with attachments.

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Course Levels

operator-rii-training-assessment-course-tick-fwLevel 1 is for beginners with no experience

operator-rii-training-assessment-course-tick-fwlevel 2 is for operators with some experience but no documented evidence

operator-rii-training-assessment-course-tick-fwlevel 3 is for experienced operators with evidence for RPL

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